Welcome everyone! This brand new campaign will take place in a homebrew setting. Here’s the basic idea:

Up until one week ago you were all living in a semi-standard fantasy world. One that had long ago established peace and had left behind the dangers of battle and war. Blacksmiths made farming equipment, horseshoes, and a simple knife here and there. Gone were the days that the skills necessary to craft arms and armor were common knowledge.

There were no adventuring parties, other than standard fare such as the odd explorer or archeologist. The dangers of their professions were from the environment though, not from Goblins living in a dungeon.

Then, everything changed. you went to bed one night and the next morning you woke up somewhere new. A massive city. There were many others with you. Hundreds of thousands of people, everyone (as far as you are aware at least) never having stepped foot inside of this city before. Basic headcounts put the total at around 500,000 people, but there could be hundreds more or less. Chaos has been reigning throughout the city since the Awakening.

People who once worshipped gods in the world you lived in can no longer feel them. Gods of the Harvest and the seasons are all strangely unavailable. Those who have the gift, however, can feel new Gods. In the city is a Coluseum contained within is statues dedicated to a Pantheon of dieties. These are your Gods now. Some of the people in the city have begun to worship them, feeling that if they show them enough support they will return them to their homes. Some hate these new Gods and feel they are responsible for the change. It will be up to you to make your own decision on that. A large amount of people, possibly even yourself left family behind for this strange new world.

Everyone has a symbol tatooed somewhere on their body. Three of the symbols are on large groups of people. One, is on very few. You are one of those few. Up until now the meaning of the symbols has been a mystery. One day during an expedition you discovered a building with the same symbol as you bear. You entered it…and that is where our adventure will begin. You know one thing however. You know that you must use the weapons and equipment provided to you by the city to gain resources that the city desperately needs.

This is a old school-ish game. I’m the referee, I’m not your opposition, and you aren’t mine. If you go into an area that has higher level enemies I won’t be lowering their difficulty. It will be up to you guys to recognize the threat and run away. Do your research in game, find out about these enemies and what their weaknesses are. Then exploit them. I’ll be using a lot of the random generation elements from the 5e DMG, so expect it to be pretty interesting.

Tremors of the Past

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